Chun-Huei Project


Chun-Huei Project

Resists to attract two tobaccos

The red lip race most loves

The liquor, does ∼!

Poisonous ∼∼!


No Smoking

 No Betel nut

No Alcohol

No Narcotics

Brief introduction 
We establish a club in order to let students have a correct concept of “anti-five”. The club holds the related promotion activities, emphasizing the promotion of anti-drug, anti-cigarette, anti-AIDS, anti-alcohol, and anti-betel nut. We hope that students will influence others and build up the correct concept person’s concept when they enter the society.

Prevent AIDS 
AIDS is namely“Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome”, caused by HIV infection. The HIV will destroy immune system of human
Beings, hence making human body loses ability against disease, virus, bacteria and mold invading body easily and causing some kinds of diseases and malignant tumors. Finally, AIDS patients die in various illnesses. Once suffered, they will lose dignity, bear with bad image from other people.  As a result, they live agonizingly, and die abjectly.  

No Smoking on Campus
Our school promotes no smoking on campus. Although we have planned many areas for smoking, there is no smoking inside the building. Young people smoke because they think it makes them look handsome. However, if a student smokes, the lighted cigarette will produce tar, nicotine, and other stimulating materials which will cause chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and lung cancer.  Therefore, smoking is harmful to their health seriously and secondhand smoking is even more harmful to our environment and the people around the smokers.

Anti Betel nut 
The betel nut is popularly named“the cyanine whelp”, and its ingredients will cause cancer. Chewing betel nut makes black teeth, erodes teeth and atrophy gums, and then causes periodontal disease, and even bring oral cavity cancer. According to the survey, there are eighty-eight percent of sufferers of oral cavity cancer who have a habit of chewing betel nut and chewing betel nut too much.  

Alcohol makes people think bluntly and their response do slowly. It is an important learning period of life during the adolescence. Drinking makes their intelligence, memory, and comprehension go down and then influence their study effect. To go further, drinking and driving will cause a heavy accident. 

Against drug Abuse

Modern people love revel on holidays and festivals; they usually drink and take illegal drugs. After reveling all night, they feel tired and think chaotically.  Some people even get serious complication such as myocardial infarction.   There are some common abusing drugs: 1.Narcotic:  (1) opium (2) cocaine (3) hemp  2.Some materials influence on mind: (1) a category of hallucinogen: LSD, PCP (2) a category of stimulant: amphetamine, MDMA, and so on. (3) a category of suppression: FM2,superglue. If people abuse drug too much, they will take a risk of their life.  People with chronic disease have a habit of taking medicine.  So, if they abuse drug so much and drink, they will suffer from acute mental disorder, and even acute myocardial infarction. 
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