Reducing tuition and fee

1. Qualifications

  1. Children of deceased military personnel and government employees.
  2. Children of deceased military personnel and government employees (over the fixed time of government subsidies).
  3. Children of parents currently serving in the  army.  
  4. Aborigine identity.
  5. Handicapped students.
  6. Children of the handicapped.
  7. Families have a low-income certificate.
  8. Children in Special circumstances

2. Documents

  1. Application form.
  2. The household registration transcript.
  3. Related certificate documents.

3. Application time
Every June and December

4. Application location
Section of Student Life Guidance (B107)


Support students by providing Mutual Supporting Fund

(1)Any HungKuang students who have a student status.
(2)Whole family annual income of less than NT700,000.
(3)Any student who doesn’t get any kinds of special discount or reduce tuition or fee.

Hold the cadre meeting in the each semester. We’ll collect suggestions from students at first. Then, there is a meeting for students to discuss with school superiors and teachers. We hope it will improve understanding between students and the school by opinion communication and two-way interchange.

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