On-campus scholarship and grant
On-campus scholarship
On-campus grant

There are two kinds of scholarship and grant:
The first kind :The Kuang Tien General Hospital donates the grant of study to Hung Kuang University.

1. The recipients: Students who have a student status in the Department of Nursing.

2. Qualifications:
(1)Students of 4-year college, second grade in 2-year college, and third grade in 5-year college or above in the Department of Nursing.
(2)The results of study :The total results is 75 scores or above and specialized subject is 60 scores or above of the last academic year at the time of application (Take-again and make-up courses are not included).
(3)The result of conduct is 70 scores or above and never get a punishment in peccadillo or above.
(4)There is no such situation as extended graduation(
including take-again and make-up courses and program practical training).

3. Application time: Every April and October
4. The number of persons allowed: 20 in every academic year.
5. The amount of money: NT100,000 for each person in every academic year. 
6. Evaluation: Be examined by the examination group that was composed by HK and Kuang Tien General Hospital.

The second kind: HungKuang University grant of student in straitened circumstances.
1. Objective: We set up this item for caring and helping with the students that parents were involuntary unemployment  family in  financial straitened circumstances, or study with difficulty.  With our help, these kinds of students can complete the college education at HungKuang University. 
2. Application time: Between September and October every year.
3. Qualifications: Any HK students who conform to the 
following conditions as listed below:
(1)Parents or guardian was involuntary unemployment  and family in  financial straitened circumstances.
(2)One of parents (or guardian) is unable to work or suffers from a serious illness and affects family finance.
(4)Tutor and chairman apply for the grant according to the record of home visit and study situation of the student.
4. The number of persons allowed: The numbers allowed are examined by the examination meeting according to the student applicants and the amount of budget for study grant.  
5. The amount of money: Be examined by the examination group of scholarship and grant.
6. Evaluation: Be examined by the examination group of scholarship and grant.



  • Off-campus scholarship
    1. Government
      The county and municipal government provides the grant for excellent student in straitened circumstances.

    2. Juridical person
      The juridical person which was composed by civil enterprise provides the grant.

    3. Foundation
      The culture and education foundation provides the grant.
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